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New Utilities

Recently, I became a avid listener for Mac Power User Podcast. This show talks about ways becoming more productive by using your Mac. As a new user, I am very interested in learning those techniques, to be a power user.

I have learnt about TextExpander, where you can save time typing, by creating some snippets which will be used in other applications. I purchased the TextExpander Touch, when there is a sale, cost $ 4.99. I am learning about it , and already I can get some benefits from it.

The other tools I learned is 1Password, which I heard about from the podcast, talking abouth how easy 1Password makes you manage your password and other sensitive information. Since there is a sale for 1Password for Mac and iOS, I decided to purchase them. And boy, I am thankful for doing that.

1Password can store data in your Dropbox, which I used, to share data across your devices. I stored my bank account informations, my online logins and passwords, my credit cards details and lastly all my purchased software. All these information used to scatter all ovee the place and hard to find. But now, I can save them in one safe place, accessed from everywhere.

The most sucessful story I ha with 1Password is when Twitter hacked and their 250,000 users had their data stolen. Twitter suggest to change the password, before your account being hijacked. I decided to use 1Password capability to generate strong-yet-readable password, changing the password and storing it back into the app. Now My Twitter acount is protected. Using this app will make your digital life safer and easier to manage.

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