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I started using Obtvse as my blogging platform replacing my old Wordpress blog. I chose to migrate because I need a blogging platform that simpler than Wordpress. I loved reading blog like Daring Fireball, Om Malik, and The Brooks Review. They wrote great article, and apparently, they are using a much simpler blogging platform, focusing on the content. Since I want to be a better writer, I think I need to search a blogging platform that suits me better.

I found Obtvse, a port of Svbtle, which is invitation-only blogging platform. A guy named Nate Wienert in his post described his dissapointment about how Svbtle works, and releasing an open source version, codenamed Obtvse. Obtvse uses markdown format for posting, a simple yet powerful format for producing professional documents.

Next step is finding a hosting for my new blog. Since I use Wordpress for the last 6 years and before that using Blogger as my blog, I do not have experience finding and hosting a new blog. Fortunately, there is heroku. Since obtvse is a Ruby on Rails application, heroku provides a easy way for deploying this application in no time. You can find the instruction in Obtvse homepage. After following this instruction, my new blog is finally up in this address.

The final step is migrating my existing domain name to my application in Heroku. Heroku provides a free DNS, called Zerigo for adding custom domain name. All you need to is add this add-ons using heroku command-line applications and configure custom domain name in your application control panel. Finally, after waiting for a couple of hours, your domain name is now pointing to your heroku app.

So, Obtvse is a simple bloggin platform, open sourced and easy to customize. With heroku support, you can set your new blog in just a few minutes. Happy writing!

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