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Useless Rants

I would like to talk about World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2012. It is a yearly event held by Apple, which has been held for a long time. WWDC is one of the most famous developer conference in the world. This year, Apple broke a record for selling out the ticket in just 1 hour and 43 minutes. If you are not impressed, a WWDC ticket cost you USD $15,000.

So, why WWDC is so popular? It's been a tradition for Apple, to announce their new product in this kind of event. For example, the original iPad was announced in WWDC 2010, and it has changed the world of tablets. Apple used to announced in another event called MacWorld, but since 2009, they released a press announcement that they are not going to give a keynote anymore in MacWorld Expo. The most famous keynote in MacWorld Expo is when iPhone was announced in 2007, and it was an awesome keynote. You can see it here.

Since WWDC is the only big event left for the Apple, so there are high expectations about new product. Rumours has been around weeks before WWDC is started, and Internet is acting like crazy. There are leaked images about next generation of iPhone and MacBook, causing a lot of rejoicing fans. Some Apple evangelist wrote their expectations about update in MacPro line, which has not been updated since 2009. It is fun to read about their posts, showing how much they love this company.

So, what's happened in WWDC 2012? Well, it can be summarized in this picture below.


So, in short, Apple has done these things:

1. Refreshing all MacBook lines, upgrading all MacBook Air and MacBook Pros
2. Introducing new generation of MacBook Pro, with Retina Display and only 0.71 inch
3. Review of next generation of OS X, Mountain Lion, which will released in this July
4. Review of next generation of iOS, iOS 6. Bringin new Map application, dumps Google from current Maps.

I will not talk about these products, you can find a LOT of reviews. I want to talk about people's reactions, especially iOS 6. Every one seems very excited about new MacBook Pro, because its awesome Retina Display and design. The new Mountain Lion does not bring a lot attention, because it basicly is a improvement version of Lion.

But people acts different about iOS 6. There are many reactions about it, but generally there is a dissapointment. Some people said that it is minor improvement since iOS 5. So what's new in iOS 6? Apple claims that iOS 6 brings 200+ new features. And these are few of them

- A whole new Map application. Apple decided to dump Google from Map apps. The new Map also support turn-by-turn navigation
- An improvement to Siri, and Eyes-free mode for Siri
- Single app mode
- Facebook integration
- etc.

So these feature do not seems bad. So why people react so negative to iOS? Well my guess is, because Apple has done a very good job, people raise their expectation higher than other company. Rumors also play a role in this, people has been speculating about the new product, and when they did not get that, they're dissappointed and yell in the Internet.

This kind of attitude that makes me confused. First, Apple never promised anything. Apple is a super secret company. They never make a comment about leaked images, or even leaked products, like iPhone 4 case. So, you all you can do is receive what Apple will give to you, because they never promised anything.

Second, Apple stated clearly that iOS 6 is still in beta stage, so it is not final product. You can install iOS 6 with your Apple developer account, and try it. One thing to remember is, beta product can break your device.

These useless rant is not helpful for publicity. Apple seems does not care about this, but it can effect new user that search for information about Apple devices. Not many people aware about beta software definition, and usually negative reviews stick better than the good ones.

So, I am begging you folks. Help us by not ranting about how a beta software broke your devices. It gets worse if you are not a developer who understand this software development process. So let's just wait for the final version, and then do the review.


Reading is the most important activity that a human being can do. By reading, you can enhanced your knowledge into another level. You can gain more understanding, ability to look from the other side, only by reading.

I love to read. Since I was a little boy, my mother always tells people same old story, that I prefer to read than to play with my toys. At that very young age, I have read some of my dad's book, from literature to poultry.

The Internet is an unlimited source of knowledge. By the time I was attending college, I prefer to spend my time playing in the Internet, but sadly not for reading. I just Internet for downloading music and games. I guess that time was the dark ages of my life. As a side note though, at that time, the Internet was not the same as we are having now. Google is still new kid on the block.

I began to use Internet properly (if you may say so) shortly after I finished my bachelor study. Since I had no job and many (maybe too many) free time, I decided to spend a little time to see another side of Internet. The hacker point of view.

I still remember that time, when my passion is to become a FOSS contributor. Since I am a KDE user, I started to read some articles in the developers' blog. I found link to Planet KDE, which holds tons of posts from KDE Developer. I was happy, I finally found something I enjoy reading. And the journey begin… I started to learn about RSS technology, I set my Google Reader account, adding some FOOS Planet links, like Planet GNOME, Planet Ubuntu, or local community planet like Planet Terasi.

From those blog posts, I learned how software development works, they explained better than any Software Engineering course I've attended. The biggest achievement was, I actually got my job as a research assistant, because of my knowledge about FOSS!. All those reading finally paid off, I can use it in real-life experience.

I have learned a lot from my RSS subscription. They introduced me to HackerNews, Reddit, and StackOverflow. Those sites are incredibly influential for me to extend my knowledge. I also met TUAW, site writing about Mac-related stuff. I also learn some cool stuff from Lifehacker and Gizmodo. And I can spend my fun time reading webcomics like Dilbert, StoneSoup, or XKCD.

The latest wagon of my subscription was all Mac related sites. Since I have my iPad, I always curious with how Apple works. I become obsessive to find out about this fruit company. So from my TUAW subscription, I found John Gruber's Daring Fireball. His knowledge about Apple is amazing. His opinions may not always nice to read, but it is always good for reading. Another sites are 512pixels, which I found from my Podcast subscription, Minimal Mac, a website belongs to a former Apple Genius, Shawn Blanc, a very fun to read writer, and Marco Ament's site, a former Tumblr developer and Instapaper creator, a read later service which I love to use.

This is not the whole list of my reading. And there are many good sources out there in the Internet. You can always ask for help from StumbleUpon or using Zite, an intelligent news reader for your smartphones and tablets.

So, let's find your sources in the Internet, and make a better you. The Internet is not consist only by Facebook, Youtube or Twitter.