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Upgrading to Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion is the latest version of OS X, also known as OS X 10.8. It was released at 25th July 2012, distributed only through Mac App Store, with USD $19.99. I spent 20 hours for downloading it, using my dedicated 1 Mbps Internet connection at home. It weight at 4.34 GB file, so it will need a lot of time downloading, considering the situation in Indonesia.

I decided to purchase it, because there are many ositive reviews given, since Apple releasing the Golden Master version to some developers. Apple stated that it brings 200+ new features for user, and it solves some annoyances in Lion. The other thing is, you can install Mountain Lion in other Mac, without any additional cost. My wife's MacBook Pro runs Snow Leopard, and it can easily upgrade to Mountain Lion.

After doing some reading, I decide it is better to upgrade than doing some clean install. Doing clean install surely bring speed to my Mac, but it will need a lot more time to do. I am planning to do it someday, so I save the installer to external hard drive.

If you are planning to upgrade to Mountain Lion, you better doing some research first. First of all, you need to check, whether your Mac is able to run Mountain Lion, you can refer to requirements from Apple. Second, backup your computer using Time Machine. Third step is to access RoaringApps site, where you can find a list of application that compatible with Mountain Lion. This step can help you to decide, since it can cost you a lot to buy new apps just because it is not compatible with Mountain Lion. And lastly, since Mountain Lion does not come with a DVD recovery, you need to create it before installing it, since Apple will delete it after installation process. You can use a DVD or a 8 GB USB flash disk as the media, using tutorial from Ars Technica.

The installation is smooth, it took me 30 minutes to finish the installation. I was suprised that it was running fine. No hassle at all. Hat tip to Apple, for creating such an easy process to upgrade your operating system.

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